Mold and Environmental Testing

Mold and Environmental Testing

Stay healthy with mold inspections at your Freeland, Midland and the surrounding Michigan area

Molds are common in the Michigan homes with wet weather and warm, humid summers, molds can find their way into most every home. 

I provide a visual inspection for mold with every inspection and additionally offer certified lab testing services to accurately identify and quantify the amount of mold present in your home.  As always, we aim to protect the health of your family.

Email the me today to get started on cleansing your air and your home.

How does mold form inside a house?

Mold is one of the biggest issues plaguing homeowners today. Mold can form anywhere in your house in just a few steps:

  • Areas of your home become damp or wet due to leaks or rain
  • Bad airflow in these areas makes it hard for the surfaces to dry
  • Bacterial spores land on the damp surface and grow into mold



With a water damage inspection at your Freeland, Midland and the surrounding Michigan area, you can stop mold from forming in the first place. Call 4SITE Inspections now to set up a series of mold inspections before it's too late.