Shed Light on Your Basement Issues

Shed Light on Your Basement Issues

Get basement inspections in Freeland or Midland, MI

Even after just one year, your home's foundation has begun to settle and shift with the earth. 4SITE Inspections of Michigan can offer you peace of mind with attic-to-basement home inspections in Freeland, MI. Our certified home inspector specializes in foundation inspections and can assess the integrity of your home's entire structure.

Contact us in Freeland, MI to ask about our comprehensive home foundation inspections today; call 989-423-0074.

Know what your home is made of

Don't take a chance on the strength of your foundation. Home inspections can help prevent structural concerns from arising over time. 4SITE Inspections of Michigan routinely examines:

  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Foundations
  • Walls and subfloors
  • Attics and ceilings
  • Structural frames

Rest a little easier knowing your home is strong and reliable. Get in touch with us in Freeland, MI today to schedule our turnkey attic-to-basement inspections.